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Affordable group classes for beginner to advanced students include 24 hours of online lessons and a variety of authentic multimedia course materials. Whether it's your first time learning French or you're already comfortable with conversation, you will have the unique experience of meeting speaking partners from around the world. Build grammar and essential conversational skills in Levels 1 through 7, and learn special skills in Level 8 for advanced speakers.


Private and semi-private lessons are offered for up to three students via Zoom. College tutoring is also available in multiple subjects, including literature, translation, and linguistics. Sign up for private lessons to supplement the grammar you've learned in group classes, or focus on the skills you need the most with one-to-one support. Join with a friend or two to practice conversational skills with a speaking partner.

Join free conversations every Sunday at 6pm EST to practice your speaking skills with other francophiles and francophones from six different continents.  Sign up for monthly events such as cooking classes, book clubs, wine tasting sessions, and game nights. All conversations and events are currently held online via Zoom. A limited number of in-person events in Washington, DC, are planned for early 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of all future events.