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Private and semi-private lessons are offered for up to three students via Zoom. College tutoring is also available in multiple subjects, including literature, translation, and linguistics. Sign up for private lessons to supplement the grammar you've learned in group classes, or focus on the skills you need the most with one-to-one support. Join with a friend or two in semi-private lessons to practice conversational skills with a speaking partner. For rates and packages, visit the Lessons page.


Affordable group classes for beginner to advanced students include 24 hours of online lessons to improve grammar and develop conversational skills. For Levels 1 through 7, learn to hold a  conversation in A and B classes, or practice reading and listening comprehension in C classes. For advanced speakers, Level 8 offers a chance to focus on specific topics such as psychology, film, music, art, sorcellerie, and more. Within 12 weeks you will have a better understanding and greater confidence in speaking French.


For more intensive group classes, sign up for one of our online workshops. Workshops include two hours of study of one particular topic, including topics in grammar, essential phrases, pronunciation, vocabulary, learning strategies, and more. Visit the Workshops page for more information on the current workshop series for Summer 2022 or contact Madeleine for the most up-to-date news. 

For other events and event series, contact Madeleine via email.

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