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French with Madeleine began unofficially in 2017 as Le français à Washington (LFAW). During that year, LFAW began organizing museum tours, cooking classes, yoga sessions, painting courses, and conversation meetings in Washington, D.C.—all completely in French. LFAW specialized in immersive experiences to help adult French students develop linguistic proficiency and cultural expertise through fun, dynamic, and unique language events. 

French with Madeleine broadens and enhances what LFAW started. ​With Zoom and online lessons, French with Madeleine has reached beyond the Washington, D.C., area to a diverse community of learners from six continents—and it continues to grow.


Besides language events, French with Madeleine emphasizes immersive learning for adults. Whether you opt for private, semi-private, or group courses, you will be immersed in the French language as you learn grammar, vocabulary, culture, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Immersion gradually builds from Level 1 to Level 7, ending with lessons entirely in French. But rest assured that I will never use the sink-or-swim methods of many other language schools, so you will supported the entire way.

About the Teacher


Bonjour et bienvenue ! Je m'appelle Madeleine Williams, and
I am the founder and coordinator of French with Madeleine. I
created this company with the intention of making French fun
and accessible to adult learners. After two degrees and more
than a decade of experience in education, I have developed and
refined skills in designing curriculum and teaching language
proficiency, as well as managing a private studio.


I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and French Language and Literature
from the University of Maryland in 2014. Afterwards, I spent a year in northern France through the TAPIF (Teaching Assistantship Program in France), where I taught English in two middle schools near Lille. In 2019, after spending three years teaching French in Maryland public schools, I earned my Masters in Education from the University of Maryland. I have since left American public education to devote my time to teaching adults--and I love it!

I focus on being a reflective instructor. I listen to the goals of each student and approach them both intuitively and thoughtfully. I implement the most appropriate strategies then assess and reassess progress to make sure my lessons maintain the highest quality and effect. Whether it's your first time speaking French or you've already become comfortable with conversation, I am here to support you along the way.

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