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Level 1

Échauffement. The Warm Up.

Get a taste of the main ingredients for French in this 12-week introductory course. Warm up your mind and your vocal chords as you get ready to tackle grammar, practice pronunciation, and speak in French for the first time on the very first lesson.


Learn cultural anecdotes from the French-speaking world as you build essential skills. Decipher French spelling and pronunciation, find out how to tell time the French way, and learn how to ask politely for directions to your favourite museum in Paris—among many other fundamental skills.

If "Bonjour" is one of the only words you've heard before, or if you've never had any contact with French, then this is the course for you!


Scroll down for an overview of a 12-week course.

Level 1 Overview


Leçon 1

Les bases

Image by ConvertKit

Leçon 2


Clothes Hanging

Leçon 3


Family at a Beach

Leçon 4

La famille

Image by Bruno Wolff

Leçon 7

Les lieux

Beach Vacation

Leçon 10

Les vacances

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

Leçon 5

La routine

Image by Ben White

Leçon 8

Les professions

Image by Dave Photoz

Leçon 11

Les restaurants

Image by Ales Krivec

Leçon 6

Le temps

Image by Ambreen Hasan

Leçon 9

Les fêtes

Image by Emily Morter

Leçon 12

Les questions

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