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Level 2

Zeste. A Spark.

Spice up your French with some zesty additions to the basics.Add a dash of more complex grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary to your language proficiency, boosting comprehension and conversation with a spark of flavor. 

Image by Nathan Lemon

If you can already conjugate regular -ER verbs without difficulty, but struggle with irregular verbs in present tense, sign up for this course! You can also use this course a refresher if you've taken French in the past.


Scroll down for an overview of a 12-week course.

Level 2 is a 12-week continuation of Level 1, augmenting and enhancing basic French. It can also be taken as a refresher beginner level. You will continue learning the present tense, including the futur proche and the passé récent, to relate the news, express opinions, and give commands and suggestions.

Level 2 Overview

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Leçon 1

Le passé récent

Image by Chewy

Leçon 4

Chez moi

Smiling Doctor

Leçon 7

Chez le médecin

Bills and Coins

Leçon 10

La banque

Image by Filip Mishevski

Leçon 2



Leçon 3

Autour la ville


Leçon 5

La routine quotidienne

Yoga Pose

Leçon 6

Le corps et l'esprit


Leçon 8

La famille élargie


Leçon 11

Au bureau

Travel Polaroids

Leçon 9

Les voyages

Image by Daniel Romero

Leçon 12


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