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Level 3

Fondu. Shading.

Melt into your memories and add nuance with the past tenses. Build vocabulary to describe a sense of community and the stages of life.

Image by Dan Dennis

Sign up for this course if you can already conjugate all or almost all verbs in the present tense. If you do not yet know the passé composé or if you are looking for a refresher course for the past tenses, this one is for. 

Scroll down for an overview of Level 3.

Level 3 is a 12-week advanced beginner course that includes the next steps of French proficiency: the passé composé and the imparfait past tenses. You will be able to approach more nostalgic and tender subjects such as love, childhood, and poetry.

Level 3 Overview

Image by ben o'bro

Leçon 1

La ville

Aerial View of a Suburb

Leçon 2

La banlieue

Image by Raquel Pedrotti

Leçon 3

La campagne

Traveling Abroad

Leçon 4

À l'étranger

Image by kychan

Leçon 7

L'enfance et l'adolescence

Image by Laura Fuhrman

Leçon 10

La vieillesse

et le souvenir

Image by Omar Lopez

Leçon 5

Les expériences

University Students and Professor

Leçon 8


et le travail

Image by Thought Catalog

Leçon 11

La littérature

et la poésie

Community Gardening

Leçon 6

La communauté


Leçon 9


le mariage

et la parentalité

Image by Kilyan Sockalingum

Leçon 12

Le cinéma

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