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Level 4

Mélange. Blend.

Whip up a storm of energy through debate in this 12-week intermediate course. Level 4 focuses on formulating opinions, evaluating ideas, and resolving controversies.

Cake Whisking

Sign up for this course if you already know the passé composé

and the imparfait and you're ready to confront the futur simple and

the conditional mood. Warning: This course is not for the faint of mind!

Scroll down for an overview of Level 4.

Review the passé composé and imparfait, and learn the futur simple and conditional mood. Use more complex grammar to discuss and debate controversial subjects, such as war, social media, and conspiracy theories. Problem-solve today's greatest issues and hot topics as you begin putting your French skills into a practical context.

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Level 4 Overview

Image by Shelagh Murphy

Leçon 1

Le débat

Digital social media

Leçon 2

Les réseaux sociaux

Image by Vasily Koloda

Leçon 3


Hindu Architecture

Leçon 4

La religion

 Scales of Justice

Leçon 7

La justice

Credit Card

Leçon 10



Leçon 5

La science

Military Aircraft

Leçon 8


Holding Plant

Leçon 11


Vitamins and pills

Leçon 6

La médecine

Government Building

Leçon 9

Le gouvernement


Leçon 12


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