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Level 5

Pose. Ponder.

Develop a more cultured and sophisticated approach to broader issues, taking the time to pause and reflect. Pose deeper questions, and ponder nature, art, technology, and language

in the French way.

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If you're unsure of how to hold a deeper conversation with a French person (and not just talk about the weather), this is the course for you. Learn the plus-que-parfait and past conditional in order to reinforce your understanding and your communicative proficiency.

Scroll down for an overview of Level 5.

The French love to pose intellectual questions in a way other cultures may not. Level 5 is about helping you accomplish this sort introspection and philosophical approach to life's mysteries and unanswered questions. You will also be able to strengthen your linguistic skills, adding new structures and vocabulary to help you delve into more profound topics.

Level 5 Overview

Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Leçon 1

La philosophie

Camel and Pyramids

Leçon 2

L'histoire mondiale

Image by v2osk

Leçon 3

La nature

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Leçon 4

La technologie

Large Theatre

Leçon 7

Le théâtre

Image by sydney Rae

Leçon 10

Les traditions

et les tabous

Street Art

Leçon 5


Chalkboard with Different Languages

Leçon 8

La langue

Gyan Mudra

Leçon 11

La spiritualité

Sheet Music

Leçon 6

La musique

Psychology Appointment

Leçon 9

La psychologie

Science Museum Space Exploration

Leçon 12

Le cosmos

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