Level 6

Remplissage. Embellishing.

Learn supplementary expressions and grammar to round out your fluency. Dress up your vocabulary (or dress down) with the different registers of language and levels of politeness.

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Level 6 also breaks down the dreaded subjunctive in a way that helps you feel less intimidated by it and retain it in memory. If you're unfamiliar with using slang and text-speech, or ​if you don't know how to write a formal letter or email, this is the course to choose.

Scroll down for an overview of Level 6.

Learn how to use different levels of French in Level 6, from sophisticated, formal language to slang from the streets of Marseille or Montréal. Learn regional dialects and dialects
from the around the French-speaking world. You will even learn how to swear to sound like a native French speaker! Discover the language of poetry, music, religious texts, and art.

Level 6 Overview

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Leçon 1

Les langues

du monde

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Leçon 2

Le français,

la belle langue

Work Break

Leçon 3

Le registre soutenu

Image by Vernon Raineil Cenzon

Leçon 4

Le registre familier

slang word written on wood block. slang

Leçon 5


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Leçon 6

Les gros mots et

les mots bouche-trous

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Leçon 7

Les langues


Composing Music

Leçon 10

La langue

et la musicalité

Image by Brett Zeck

Leçon 8

Les dialectes

du monde

Hindu Religious Ritual

Leçon 11

La langue,

les traditions et

les rituels

Periodic Table

Leçon 9

La langue

et la science

Image by Jason Hogan

Leçon 12

Vue d'ensemble