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Level 7

Cuisson. Refinement.

Like a cake baked to perfection, solidify your identity in French and cultivate a more complete understanding of French-speaking communities around you. 

A pastry chef putting some madeleines in

If you have never broken down the stereotypes and myths surrounding the French and other French-speaking peoples, here is your chance to gain a better insight and recognition of their diverse and living cultures.

Scroll down for an overview of Level 7.

Discover yourself as you discover the Francophone world, and you'll find it is closer than you think! Develop a deeper appreciation for the variety of cultures in la Francophonie, including the diverse ideas around collectivism and individualism. Strengthen your French language skills through advanced expressions and grammar.

Level 7 Overview

Image by Ben Sweet

Leçon 1


Accordion Player

Leçon 2

Signes, symboles

et mythes

La Francophonie flag pattern on fabric t

Leçon 3

La francophonie

Image by Omar Lopez

Leçon 4

Le collectivisme

Image by Andre Hunter

Leçon 5


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Leçon 6


et la langue

Image by Taylor

Leçon 7

Mon identité

Shadow Profile Portrait

Leçon 8

Ma deuxième identité

Image by Nick Shandra

Leçon 9

Les vues culturelles

Couple with Mobile Phone

Leçon 10

Mes réponses

Image by ev

Leçon 11

Mon implication

Serious Look

Leçon 12

Un nouvel regard

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