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Level 8

Saveur. Savour.

Sample special topics as you put advanced skills into context. Explore diverse concepts and try out new practical and recreational skills.  


As an applied advanced course, Level 8 lets you put your language expertise to the test to learn fun and useful skills in music, poetry, and even cinematography. With rotating topics, Level 8 can be taken more than once.

If you are already comfortable with all (or almost all) of the past,

present, and future tenses, and you are interested in diving into a

special topic more in depth than in a workshop, this is the level to


Scroll down for an overview of the current topics for Level 8. 

More topics will be added in the near future based on individual and group interest.

Level 8 Topics

Film Slate Marker

L'histoire à travers le cinéma

Explore the history of France and the French-speaking world through the lens of film, TV series, and courts métrages. Create your own short film using cinematographic to showcase your personal experience of the Francophonie.

Animal brown horse

Le règne animal et le monde francophone

Dive into a look at the transformative relationship between animals and humans across the French-speaking world. Create an ecological project to support wildlife around you.

Cello and music stand

Musique, langue et rythme

Listen to the beats and sounds of the Francophonie as you uncover the connections between language and music. Learn to create rhythms and melodies in various Francophone traditions and styles.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Une introduction à la phonétique

Delve in the science of language, taking an introductory look at sound systems, word formation, syntax, and meaning. Learn how to analyze various dialects through phonetics software. Perfect your pronunciation and develop a truly "Frenchie" accent.

Image by Elisa Calvet B.

La poésie : les contes et les conteurs

Discover poetry as a medium for storytelling, reading works from renowned storytellers and poets of the French-speaking world. Write haikus, free verse, and song lyrics. 


Les traditions ésotériques

Investigate the esoteric traditions and mysteries held in the French-speaking world. Learn about voodoo, astrology, shamanism, and witchcraft. Read tarot and oracle with a practicing witch.

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